Last Summer I was lucky enough to work on 10 unique football shirt designs for the release of Call of Duty Black Ops 4. The shirts are based around the 10 in game specialists and include both a home and away design, all of which focus on the specialist badges for artwork. All 10 specialist kits feature grey as the home kit with the away using colours found in the emblems.

The shirts were used as a part of a care package which was given out at the Black Ops reveal night. Big Narstie was amongst the list of people to received a shirt along with a bunch of other celebrities who promoted the game.

Nomad Home

Nomad Home

Prophet Home

Nomad Away

Prophet Away

Seraph Home

Seraph Away

Torque Home

Torque Home

Torque Away

Torque Away

Recon Home

Recon Away

Ruin Home

Ruin Away

Crash Home

Crash Away

Battery Home

Battery Away

Ajax Home

Ajax Away

Firebreak Home

Firebreak Away